Submission Guidelines

This document dictates whats allowed and what isn’t prior to submitting posts on pencue. You may refer to our content standards as set forth in section 5 of our terms of service for additional information.

The guideline and rules stated herein will help to ensure we can all work together in a neat, cultured, civilized, and controlled environment;

1. Avoid Plagiarism

You must not share a post that has been copied from the internet even if you are the one who published the original content. If you must share something that already exists on the internet, please delete such content from other sources first. NOTE: This does not apply to embedded content, such as Youtube videos, Facebook or Twitter posts, etc. Warning: We treat plagiarism as a serious offense, and repeat plagiarism may result in termination of your user account.

2. Don’t Duplicate

Before creating a post do a search on the site to make sure you are not duplicating an existing post. Different users can treat the same subject, but the content of the post must be unique enough to distinguish.

3. Post Helpful and Quality Information

Post helpful and quality information that will benefit the users.

4. Write Good Headline

Posts with great headline will get higher CTR, increased page views. This, in-turn will translate into more money for you. Tip: Post title is one of the major factors considered when reviewing posts. Write a good headline that compels people to click, while also maintaining sanity.

5. Provide Post Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the primary photo set to a post. All posts are required to have one. In addition, we demand that a) thumbnail must be of high resolution; b) must be related to the post in question; c) Must be eye-catching. You can find great photos from any of these stock photo sites, PhotoduneShutterstock, and Pixabay. Remember to read licensing terms before using other users property.

6. All Posts Must Have an Excerpt

It is required that all posts must have an excerpt. An excerpt is often a short summary of a post. You should write your excerpt in a way that is attractive to users. Excerpts should be less than 160 characters.

7. Never include sponsored, affiliate, or spam links

You must not include affiliate or sponsored links within your posts, and you may only include links as appropriate. Link to the same resource must not appear more than twice in a post. You should only include links to relevant information and resources.

8. Employ Good Line Spacing Habit

You must include a line space after every 10 paragraphs at the latest. Line spacing after fewer paragraphs may be better in most cases to promote readability.

9. Use as Many Images as Necessary

You should use as many images as necessary to promote readability. Images within a post are often perceived as a break point by the human brain. Remember to give your audience a good break.

10. Write in English

We only accept posts that are written in English.

11. Avoid Jargon Over-Use

Use jargon words only where it cannot be avoided. When writing a post, try as much as you can to use simplified English.

12. Proofread

Please proofread your post to minimize grammar mistakes before submitting for review.

15. Minimum 700 Word Length

Your posts should be at least 700-word length. We may understand if a post can not meet the minimum word length requirement, but we will not tolerate a post that has been deliberately lengthened.

15. Select Category

Before submitting a post, make sure you have selected the post category. The category must also be closely related to the post. Also, do not select the mixed category.

16. Define Tags

You must define tags to your posts to set up an interest defined relationship with other posts on the site.